My routes transfer rider 400 to 550

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Hi folks, I’ve recently upgraded to a rider 550 and have lots of saved routes on my 400.
It appears the routes I want are all ITN files, and won’t Bluetooth across.
Also, my 400 has an old email address on it which I now understand cannot be changed unless I reset the 400 back to factory settings which means losing all the routes.
I’ve tried
- logging onto mydrive with my old email but it won’t accept my password
- saving my routes to an so card, but there is no option to do this from the 400
- Trying to access the my route files from my laptop, to copy across to the 550, but for some reason I cannot see the 400 - I think because the tomtom won’t connect properly due to the old email address.

Any ideas how I can shift these ITN files to my 550?