no more acoustic warnings for speed cameras??

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Hello community,

our TomTom Go Apps (Version 3.3.86 4259, Android 9) do not warn anymore acousticly while it still shows the Radar speed cameras in the display. This applies for both my app and the app of my passenger. The only real unique feature of TomTom Go Mobile was the good working radar speed camera warning feature. Is this gone now?

By the way, other warning messages are still issued and can be heard.

Additional question: Why isn't there a simple way to test whether warning messages can be heard at all, as it was the case in the various versions using the volume slider?

Many thanks for your help.


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    In your > settings then > sounds and alerts you have to check what is checked.

    Additional question: why isn't there a simple way to test if the warning messages
    If after planning a route where there is a speed camera, click on the > 3 dots then > read the route preview you should see the position of the speed camera and be alerted by a sound or a voice depending on your settings.