Synching a route recorded on a Rider 400 with Myroutes without using a micros card reader on a mac

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Routes that have been imported to myroutes planner from the mac can be synched to your tomtom over the net - why not the other way round? Ive recorded a few nice routes on the 400 and id love to import them to myroutes - newer macs dont have microsd or sd card readers and there is no way to visualise a Tomtom on a mac via the cable - its always been a bugbear and Tomtom have never been arsed to deal with it - there used to be a free app for android but its still not recognised - ditto that although a mac recognises a tomtom via bluetooth it simply won't connect. Has anyone ever found a way round this? Buying a pc is NOT an option the very thought of using one makes me feel ill.