Restoring old map on TomTom Rider

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I have the TomTom Rider and tried updating it for the gpsfix, however i didn't think about creating a back-up. During the installation it also removed my old navigation map and now i don't have the old map. Is there any way to get the old map back? I believe it was mapupdate 1010

I have the same model and version as listed in the above post. In his discussion he stated that randomly it worked updating with a new map. It's also with my device i have bought it in 2016 new from the store and expected lifetime updates, to hear it is no longer supported.

Model: 4gd00
Serial Number: K4.....

EDIT: I have the lifetime maps for western-europe

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    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday.....
    If the Map is still available on the Tomtom servers, they can allocate the Map to your device .....

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    @YamFazMan That would be great! Or the most recent supported one is also good. As i have lifetime maps for western europe.
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    Hi @JudithW
    Updates for Western Europe map are already active for your RIDER. By default, the application(TomTom HOME) should be offering the last available map under downloads.

    See steps on our support article -

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    Hi @VikramK, it shows it now. Thank you very much for the support!