services don't work on a TomTom GO 620 wifi

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i just buy GO 620 with Tomtom Go 620 with this services:
Lifetime Maps (World)
Lifetime Speed Cameras Updates
Lifetime TomTom Traffic
MyDrive Cloud App
TomTom Services via built-in SIM
TomTom Roadtrips
TomTom Services via Smartphone
but i can't install Maps (World) only europe and i have only 3 months Lifetime Speed Cameras Updates
Lifetime TomTom Traffic.
thank you for any help.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @BAtahiM

    Welcome to the community!
    The GO Wifi 620 model does not come with a built-in SIM. For connection to TomTom Services, the device has to be paired with a smartphone for internet data sharing.

    I don't find a device linked to your TomTom account.

    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a private message by clicking on this link- , please ?

    Thanks, Vikram
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    Vikram your having a laugh - I have had a Go620 for too many years - still waiting for it to be updated so that it can be successfully paired with a smart phone for internet data connection without having to spend a half hour or more on doing so (if i'm lucky) before starting a journey
    Still very bitter about being conned into thinking it could do what it can't.
    At least its not nearly the price it used to be - but still way too much for a slow unresponsive device supposedly manufactured to do something specific which it can't do hag as well as a mobile phone. Often we will be 10 miles down the road before tom tom has caught up - thank goodness for google maps.
    Whats also shocking is its inability to do what Garmin could years ago.
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    PS and as for clean air zones - oh boy