Can you set if you are exempt from certain restrictions eg an area only residents can drive through?

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I am asking it here because I have a TomTom Rider 550, but it really is a generic question that applies to any TomTom device:

In Waze, it is possible to specify if your vehicle is exempt from certain restrictions (eg roads open to residents only, or city centres open to motorcycles but not cars); does anything similar exist with TomTom? For example, if your vehicle does not have an exemption for the London Congestion Charge zone (all motorcycles do, electric cars do - for now - while most other cars don't), then Waze will try to find a route which skips the congestion charge area.

A route through the congestion charge appears as a toll road, and you can choose to avoid tolls.

But other restrictions are trickier; e.g. there are some areas of London that only residents can access. With waze, you can specify if you are one such resident and, if not, it will find an itinerary around it; this is not a toll like the congestion charge area (which costs £15), but a fine which would cost you £65 (if you don't challenge it). Navigating around those is trickier because the satnav may want to continuously push you in that direction.

Does anything similar exist with TomTom?


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    Hi @uktomtommer
    I don't think that developing a feature/function like this is on our road map. I will forward this as feedback to my team anyway.

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    Is there any way to manually tell the TomTom (I have a Rider 550) to avoid a certain road or a certain area? If I am planning a complicated route with many waypoints I can obviously set my points so as to avoid an area; but if I am just going from A to B and want to ensure I avoid a road or an area, can I do that?
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    No you can only set avoid things like motorways, toll roads, tunnel and unpaved roads in the route preferences.