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So I purchased the Go Discover last year when it was released.

TomTom have had a year to set up a system so customer like me could renew services. The Go tell you services are ending go to tomtom.com/sevices to renew.

How can it be you have not provisioned subscriptions?



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    Hi uklee1
    I reviewed your TomTom account, I see you already ordered 1 year LIVE Services(World).
    This subscription does not include all the service that are compatible for a GO Discover.

    The webshop page(where our customers can order services specifically for the GO Discover model) is in the final stage of completion.

    The subscription is priced at £34.99(annual).

    I have swapped your order (LIVE Services) with the GO Discover Premium services for 9 months (duration calculated after price adjustment).
    The services should start working once you do a soft reset.

    Thank you,
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    Thank you Vikram that was very kind of you.