Electric car charging points and Petrol Stations

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I have a Hyundai electric car with a built in navigation.

First of all, you should split fossil cars from EV’s.
I have some problems.
1. I don't need Petrol Stations on the map and in the navigation guide.
2. I need detailed Charging points on the map and in the navigation guide.
I know that there are Charging points, but i need details about them.
Such as:
- AC or DC?
- How many of them?
- Availability.
- Do i need to use my own cable or not?
- How fast are them?
- Cost.
- I would like to see all of these information on the map.

3. The charging points aren’t lookable over 250m view.
It’s not good when the car is standing and i want to look a charging point. Or when i driving faster than 90km/h, because then the map view is 400m or above, so i can’t take notice of a charging point along the road.

Thank you.