maps cannot be used on this device

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Hello, hope someone can help me.
brought a renault grand scenic (2011) no maps card. went to renault dealer, they advised me what card to buy and i did this. It says cannot be used on this device. went back to dealers and they give me another number. Brought this one too and also does not work. says the same thing with a different error code.
ive now spent over £100 on SD and still they dont work.
please can anyone advise me what i can do.
i have inserted the cards into my laptop and they do seem to have all the relevant info on them so, do i need to change some settings to allow them to work in my car.
sadly ive no idea how to find the serial number of the built in device.
any help would be very greatfully received.
i noticed someone else with the same issue and picture of the red screen with the error code but, the follow up comments seem to have had profesional involvement to allow it to work.


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    The new SD should work without any problems.
    Your Renault dealer did not sell you an SD compatible with Carminat?

    It could also be that your carminat is not working?