Nameless roads

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With the Rider 550 it is possible to have TomTom design your routes. You have different categories in how curvy the roads can be and how high the mountains can be. Of course if you go on the highest mountains, the roads will not be as good as the lower ones, BUT.... if I chose to avoid unpaved roads it still sends me everywhere. In Germany I was send into the woods on roads that were forbidden for motorized vehicles, in Italy it sent me straight through a vineyard and in Romania it sent me over trails that were hardly suitable for offroad bikes. I have found out that a lot of these bad roads are so called "nameless streets". Is there any option I can use to avoid these kind of roads and avoid fines and/or damage to the environment? Contacting TomTom is not an option as they refuse to answer questions, specially with this annoying chatbot it is really frustrating. Very bad after sales TomTom :angry:


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    Sorry, there is no option to avoid these roads. Selecting fastest route helps sadly this also avoids the nice roads.
    Personally I think this problem is caused by map errors. You are able to report these errors.

    What I do to avoid this is to create my route in MyRouteApp Gold (payed). With this online service I can compare the route between the TomTom, Here and OSM map. It’s also possible to check the road with Google street view within this app. (Doesn’t work in Germany)
    Comparing your route between multiple maps let’s you spot a lot of these map errors.
    I learned all available maps have many errors on these small roads. (In my opinion TomTom has less errors then OSM, Here and Google only they actively avoid all small roads)

    The only map that has a reasonable curvy and road quality is the OnRoute motorcycle map. This map only uses a small selection of roads so big chance you ride the roads all the time. Also it skips the nice very small roads. (Doesn’t work on your Rider despite its based on the TomTom maps with known motorcycle routes set as preferred path) (sometimes I still use this map to quickly plan a route)