Poor Navigation Experience with new SatNav compared to Google Maps

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I really did want a dedicated SatNav but so far my experience has been poor using the new Go Discover 6 I have just invested in.
Route examples where it's not good in comparison with Google:

Route from: Pensthorpe Natural Park, Pensthorpe Rd, Fakenham NR21 0LN to: Sainsbury's, William Frost Way, New Costessey, Costessey, Norwich NR5 0JS

Google Maps is spot on - using the best roads and not cutting through via narrow awkward country roads which TomTom chooses to take despite using the recommended default 'Fastest' route. How does Google know this? Through experience of taking that route on a regular basis I would not go the way TomTom insists!

Also the Route to a Premier Inn we went to this Weekend - namely: Premier Inn St. Albans/Bricket Wood hotel - TomTom lead down the wrong road then concluded with "arrived at your destination" with the Premier Inn not in sight - Google however was again spot on!

This is not good enough. There was another blip too on the way home on the A11 dual carriage way where the TomTom wanted to take a short detour which would have me leave the A11 then jump straight back on it again!

I want to support TomTom - but this is not helping my cause!


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    I've had the satnav take a motorway exit and get right back on in order to avoid congestion between the entrance/exit. Of course, if there was no congestion then it is odd behaviour indeed.

    Likewise, I have compared google to TomTom and sometimes TomTom takes odd routes, such as cutting through a town. Usually the TomTom route is faster. Again, this is just my experience and mainly in the States. Obviously if you know the roads there is no excuse for TomTom's poorer routing, but I just want to point out that sometimes TomTom surprises in a good way! (And, yes, sometimes in a bad way!)
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    I've had no response from support here with regards the aforementioned navigation issues.

    Sadly I've been forced to return my SatNav to Amazon - and consequently I have left a 2-star review as you can see here:


    In addition there's another route the TomTom makes a mistake on - routing from Swaffham to Stansted airport - alas it's not efficient and again Google gets it spot on.

    I can only guess that Google has a better AI based on the many individuals that use this free navigation software. I am genuinely sad for TomTom - the giant stomped all over them.

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    This forum is for Users of TomTom devices to express views and help each other, the normal method of contacting the Customer Care Team is via the Support menu choice at the top of this page which I will not be the first to say is a bit convoluted since Covid-19 with all TomTom support staff working from home.

    I cannot comment on the poor journeys you experienced but I usually have 2 Sat Navs running in tandem and will often come to a junction and one will say turn right the other left but I know that they will both converge and usually there is only a minute difference between them on the overall journey time. ;)

    I would tend to agree that TomTom can often direct you down narrow roads where it calculates you may save a minute or so, when set to fastest. Conversely my Garmin can direct me to stay on a Motorway with say a 5 minute traffic jam ahead whereas TomTom and also Google maps plus others will direct you off the Motorway to navigate round the jam using country back roads.

    However, I live in Bricket Wood and do know the location of the Premier Inn. B)

    I checked and found that TomTom had 2 locations (both wrong) listed for the Premier Inn which is puzzling as most POI’s are added to a map by the “company themselves” to promote their business and location and I guess it just must have been a simple error when someone selected the location to set up the POI?

    So irritating when you are relying on the accuracy of a POI to navigate, especially at night down narrow unlit roads!! :s

    I reported the correct location (via the TomTom Mapshare reporter) thinking it may not be accepted as I am not the business owner but surprisingly for me, TomTom accepted my request and now; a bit too late for you, guessing TomTom would take time to verify the change, the Premier Inn in Bricket Wood is correctly marked on all the TomTom maps.

    This type of issue is not unique to TomTom, as I was recently browsing using Google Street maps looking for evidence of the entrance to a disused Underground Station in the Whitechapel Road E1 (marked as an historical landmark as St. Marys at No 100) and saw on Google Maps that a Citroen Dealer was apparently located there and open for business………. ?? :/

    Yet I knew from personal experience the Dealership had closed down about 8 or more years ago and the building demolished with a new hotel being built there. I guess the last thing on the Citroen Dealers mind when closing down their business was to remove themselves from Google Maps??

    I reported this map error to Google and was astonished to have the report accepted and fixed literally within minutes.

    Being somewhat cynical, I now check any new locations as far as possible before getting my TomTom or my other Sat Nav to plan a journey. o:)
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    I recently needed to go back to the Premier Inn at Bricket Wood - this time the navigation to the Premier Inn was fine (using my old Go 5000 seeing as I sent the new one back). I too navigate with two systems - Google Maps and, well, the old TomTom for now.

    TomTom still made the navigation error from Swaffham to my destination by wanting to navigate me through Brandon - that's a poor route choice to take - Google correctly bypasses Brandon by adding a couple of miles and then getting me on the A11 quicker! Surprisingly on the way back the same way, TomTom did not route me via Brandon!

    I get traffic updates on my Go 5000 and noticed that while in a small queue in St.Albans, Google maps showed the red line indicating a queue but the TomTom did not! I know I am using the older TomTom but I'm sure the navigation brains and traffic update brains are the same for all.

    So I am not confident yet with TomTom - on journeys I will keep making comparisons between the two. Meanwhile I forked out for a much better dash phone holder to improve my experience using Google Map navigation.
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    Glad the POI I got amended got you to the Premier Inn...... :)

    I am still struggling with TomTom to get many others changed as despite providing back up information for the correct location or confirmation from Companies House that a business has ceased to trade Tomtom says there is a "Source conflict" and rejects my submission - this does not give me much confidence with POI accuracy or the impetus to aid TomTom to correct their maps. B)

    I too find that Google Maps / Garmin are more granular in detail and reactive; sometimes on a Motorway they can show wide ranging delay times whereas the TomTom is conservative and more consistent. Guess it is down to the individual Company traffic algorithms.......

    All of my Tomtom devices use the A11 routing from Swaffham and I can offer no rational explanation why your Go 5000 diverted through Brandon - I am sure there would be a logical answer..... ;)