Tomtom Go 6000 storage full

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My internal storage on my tomtom go 600 is showing 48mb free, and for some reason my 32gb memory card is installed but does nothing.

My current map on the device that is filling it up it....

Europe + United Kingdom + Ireland buildings
Size: 8275 MB

No matter what I do with changing the map, the device seems to be stuck with this map. Wanted to free up space and install a smaller
Europe + South Western Zone
Size: 3544mb

Is this sat nav stuck with this huge map so i can't install or download anything else?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Shinho

    When you inserted the Extra memory card we’re you asked to Format it on the device for Maps. If not it will not take a map.

    If you have not Formatted it then Tap Menu/Settings/System/Format memory card.