UK Map Centre/Center update scam

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Posting on behalf of my elderly father as he's not great with tech. He was contacted by an individual before Christmas about updating his satnav. He's normally really savvy and tells people that I'll deal with it but my mother is very ill and he was overwhelmed and agreed to them accessing his PC remotely. They then said Microsoft was out of date but no worries they can sort it and then transferred him to an engineer. Norton Security was then mentioned and at this point he got suspicious and cut off the engineer saying he would call them back. He couldn't see they had done anything on the PC.

They have now called back and have invoiced him for £179.99 by email. The invoice is from Map Update Center LLP. Can't find them online anywhere bar with companies house as being started recently with no directors. I him not to pay the invoice and if they call back to say we understand they aren't legitimate. He actually called "Alan" and when challenged Alan backed down.

New man "Albert" from "Billing" called today, harassed my sick mother and then threatened my father with legal action if he didn't pay.

I'm beyond angry as these people keep calling and I'm very sure it's a scam. Even if they are a real company they have attempted to do "work" by claiming they are affiliated with TomTom and have targeted a vulnerable individual by confusing him with technical speak and bullying him.

I would really appreciate it if TomTom could let me know if they know this company and I really urge people not to have anything to do with Map Update Centre LLP, whoever they may be.


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    Hi @BAKER68CC
    Sorry to hear about the incident.
    This is a scam, TomTom has no collaborations attached with such fraudulent companies/groups.

    I would recommend resetting any passwords, running a scan on your computer to detect any malware and viruses.
    Hope he hasn't shared any financial/credit cards or accounts information, or it's best to contact the bank to stop/avoid unethical transactions.

    And thank you for using our forum to spread awareness.

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    Thanks for confirming Vikram. I have reported to Action Fraud as well but wanted to try and avoid anyone else being caught.

    If it helps others, the phone numbers they called from were 020 8090 2574/2548/2540. All of which appear on Who Called Me? as scams, with another person having exactly the same experience as my father.