How do I connect TomTom GO navigation to android auto?

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How do I connect TomTom go navigation to android auto? I understand that there is a version or versions that can already be connected to android auto, because I cannot, I have connected Sygic, waze, Google Maps, TomTom amiGo, Spotify, etc. but it is impossible for me to get the TomTom car navigator to appear on the screen go navigation, I don't understand it, I connected it by usb cable with mobile data, well, even then, neither. How do I do it?

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  • lampard
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    Hi @Loganv

    Welcome to the Community! Can you see the GO App listed in the Android Auto launcher? you can customize the AA launcher and select apps you'd like to see on your car head unit. See the response from MUP here.

    Best, lampard