iphone 11 connection looses pairing with the GO discover

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Hi. My discover connects to iphone 11 then disconnects several minutes later. Possibly when phone goes to sleep. If I reconnect via phone Bluetooth setting it remains connected for the entire journey. This happens ever time I start a trip. Any ideas?


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    bluetooth access locks when phone sleeps?
    ttom - ios ongoing bluetooth problems connecting since 13 release
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    Are you using Bluetooth for audio at the same time? We have addressed an issue specific to iPhone 11 with Apple.
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    The phone is linked to the VW system via Bluetooth at the same time as the tom tom. But not streaming music, radio is on. I have just changed VW from one that was 3 years old to a new one. Same issue in both. Once the phone and tom tom has connected then disconnected if I connect again manually via phone blue tooth it stays connected till the next trip when it all happens again
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    why the tomtom go discover device shows 3 routes after selecting an alternative route - all in gray. In tomtom go premium, each route had a different color, which significantly facilitated handling while driving. Please add it on updates. Another thing about traffic information: I have a correctly paired Iphone 11. It is also paired with the Kia Ceed 2019 in-car speakerphone. Traffic information turns off when someone calls the phone. Include it in your updates.
    Another thing: fuel prices are a joke. Will this service start working properly sometime? You advertise it in the descriptions of tomtom go discover, and I have not yet experienced prices in line with reality.
    there are holidays people want to travel around europe and there are so many mistakes. When is the next software update? This is not the quality I used to know about TOMTOM
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    Try turning on Bluetooth tethering if it's available on your phone.