Go Discover/Expert software update 21.400.0007 available for download

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Hello All,
Today (25th of January 2022) we are going to release a software update for the GO Discover and GO Expert devices.

Software version : 21.400.0007

Release notes:

• You can now see the details about your premium LIVE Service subscription in the About menu.

• GO Expert 6” & 7”: Introduction of Low Emission Zones. This feature can be enabled in Settings which gives you a visual warning whenever you approach a Low Emission Zone on your planned route.

• Bug fixes and improvements.

Subscription for Premium Service shown in the ABOUT screen-


With this release, the Speed Cameras will stop alerting if the subscription has expired.
  • Low Emission warnings for GO Expert:

To enable the alerts: from Main Menu>Settings > Sound > Alerts & Sounds > Alerts: Low Emission Zone warnings
Low Emission Zone warning on device:

Some minor improvements have also been made in the menu. See list below-

  • Added Quick access menu:

(from Main Menu by clicking in the top right corner area where the icons of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth®/MyDrive/Traffic are shown)
  • Enabled setting to allow user to configure showing the 'Bluetooth connection, but no internet connection' notification:
(from Main Menu>Settings>System)

  • Toggle to enable/disable 3D buildings and landmarks:
(from Main Menu>Settings>Map & Display> Show on map)

Hope you like the update!

Thanks and drive safe :)



  • Teecee259
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    Thx for the update looking forward to trying it out TomTom.
  • Lost_Soul
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    Update downloaded and installed on my Go Expert and Low Emission Zone warning set under Alerts & Sounds.

    But planning a route from outside the London LEZ to an address within the LEZ for London, no warning given of LEZ and doing a route preview the Go Expert received no visual warning when approaching the Low Emission Zone on the planned route.

    I checked all maps were fully up to date as of 25 Jan plus turned device fully off and restarted.

    Are there any other settings required / should this update work with the current maps or is a further map update required?
  • jfroggyj
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    being a coach driver i like the new coach parking area button that's been added.
  • boljak
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    When will current time be added?
    When will the text size be increased especially on highway exit numbers?
    when will the map show which side the destination is?
  • Covkid62
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    has the voice issues been fixed as when I'm entering an average speed zone it keeps repeating itself every few seconds which is very annoying and also the dodgy zoom which sometimes stays zoomed out when you start navigating
  • Lorenzocava74
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    We hope that the possibility of importing personal POIs will also be added soon. That would be great. Thank you.

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  • RonTomtom
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    Yes, the most important update will be to be able to import POI groups as with previous models. This is an absolute necessity for me and also others so TomTom should consider it a high priority update.
  • MimiZ56
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    What has happened to the voice level of the instructions? It is very quiet, even when moved up to 100 per cent, regardless of what system voice is slected. Anybody else with this problem?