Speed Limit is wrong

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The average speed limits on the M6 J3a to J2 and J2 to J3a are wrong.
The limit was correct before December 2019.
When will the limits be corrected?


  • lampard
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    Hi @IanP67

    Sorry for my late reply! I would like you to know that we're aware of incorrect speed limits in some areas. However, we hope that the following map update will improve the speed limits. In the meantime, if you wish you can report this using our MapShare reporter- https://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/

    Regards, lampard
  • Grantcoll
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    edited January 26
    Over 800 speed limits wrong in New Zealand and TomTom don't care. This GPS does not have a method to update speed limit changes on existing roads. To make this more annoying, Tomtom support always tell you to "try this map update". Its just a guess, and never ever makes any difference, unless there are new roads added.

    And don't waste time with mapshare reporter, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.