Poor and unreliable mapping/directions why

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I purchased the Tom Tom Pro 6250 for HGV;s about a year ago and it is just so unreliable with its directions. I keep it on even on routes I know well as certain functions are fine, confirmation of the speed limit, traffic and when it works ETA but the route planning is at times absolutely aweful. I drive artics with 16 ft double deck trailers, I need to be able to trust it at all times. It gives weird and sometimes spurious routes, tells you your at your destination but miles away, though keep going and it corrects itself. Wants me to U turn down totally unsuitable side roads, divert down roads unsuitable for HGV's. As an example it can't handle going through Bath or Worcester to established addresses or locations. I paid a lot of money for a product that I feel does not do what it says on the label. My question I guess is. Is it possible my device has corrupted maps, if so would taking back to its factory installation be good advice or is this just par for the course. Tom Tom have been in this business a long time, this product should by now be spot on.


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    Did you try Reset Device
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    A hard reset back to factory, no not yet. I thought Id see what responses I get. I understand none of these devices are perfect and to rely on them totally is foolhardy, however mine is so bad that I have to do something