Go Discover with a SIM card?

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Will there be versions with a SIM card ? I have no interest in connecting my phone to a Sat Nov. I Bluetooth it to my in-car system for music and call handling. My current TomTom has a SIM built in to enable traffic updates.


  • Lochfrass
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    Hi and welcome to the forum where TomTom users help each other.

    Currently no Discover devices with Sim available.
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    I totally get what you saying I would prefer a sim unit. That said 2G is slow to connect half the time Im half way to me destination before the live service appear to have connected. At least with 5G is quicker. I generally alway have my phone with me these days to use Apple Pay etc.
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    5G would be useless for the type of signal area coverage required by a TomTom SatNav device....
    The 5G wavelengths have a range of about 1,000 feet (0.3 km), that's not even 2% of the 4G's signal range. So to ensure a reliable 5G signal, there needs to be lots of 5G cell towers and antennas everywhere. We're talking one on every lamppost, traffic light, etc. because even trees can block 5G signals....

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    I'll order a 7" Camper one with Sim, when it becomes available and if the MyDrive app works as it should. Over to you Tomtom. 😉
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    We are many people to wait for Built in SIM new device!
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    Can anyone from TOMTOM clarify if the are any plans to include a built in SIM card in future generation sat navs
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    GO Expert ( GO Discover for trucks) is scheduled for a release with a SIM Card, hope the same for Discover.
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    Good Evening.

    When thinking about device with built-in sim card it would be nice to have even a device with sim card slot,
    so we could use own sim card for connecting to TomTom's services.

    In that case it could work like that:
    (le's say that we do have a mobile router with sim card)
    1. take both devices and connect using Wi-Fi to connect to mobile router
    2. take sim card from mobile router and insert it into navigation device, so it can connect to the internet by itself

    In case no. 2 we would have some kind of navigation device with build-in sim card, but with our own sim-card.

    Just a thought.

    Best Regards.
  • randomgreg
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    I can understand the lack of SIM card (phasing out 2G support), but the lack of SD card is incomprehensible!
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    Hi @randomgreg

    The GO discover unit has 32gb of internal memory so can store a huge amount of mapping. As Europe for example is divided into the separate countries you can load just those that you need and similarly any States you might require in the US. This means that as and when you need mapping of where you want to use the device they can be loaded and can easily be changed if required so why do you need more space to load maps you may not use for months or years.