Dartford tunnels

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why hgv routes are not calculated under 5 metres height for the right tunnel in Dartford, any route with a height limit more than 4.6 metres its not longer calculate for any of both tunnels? I had reported and the first time say fixed, and its not, the second time reported, say not accepted and its not fixed.


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    This will not really answer your query but based on the recommendation from TomTom Customer Services (to avoid being sent down narrow lanes in my car sat nav) I bought a Go 6250 in July 2019............. ;)

    But I sold it quite swiftly as for example it would not recognise the Dartford Tunnel crossing coming from Kent back into Essex. I also had issues being sent on circuitous or crazy routes locally which appeared to be partially linked to heights and weight restrictions. :s

    I was told that TomTom were aware of the issue but did not have a deadline to cure it, and have since read replies on the forum:

    “We have a ticket raised for this and the investigation is underway. However the team has not been able to identify the root cause for this “. :'(

    I was then recommended to get a Go Camper and whilst that recognised the Dartford Crossing, almost immediately I reported more crazy and illogical routing which "supposedly was to be cured" by a specialised map update to overcome this “feature”................ ;)

    Fast forward almost 2 years and the situation still persists on the Go Camper and I often read of similar issues with the Go 6250 re the Dartford Tunnel.

    I do wonder if TomTom has the capability or inclination to remedy the issues given the limited number of Truck / Camper units that are sold versus the Go 6200 / Go Premium which are the more popular mainstream device?

    I can only suggest you contact Customer Services to report the issue again as it is obviously very important to your livelihood as a HGV driver. Good luck. B)
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    Thanks, this issue only it's happening with the last map update, from December 20, let's see if the new map work better
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    Another 1.6gb update and yet again it has not corrected the Dartford Tunnel issue. This is incredible, what needs to happen to get something so crucial fixed TomTom? People spend a lot of money on ure products and they seem to be getting ignored!!