First trip with Go Discovery

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Some observations after 2000+ km with my new Go Discovery:
- missing current time on screen
- my 5000 did not receive HD Traffic in Switzerland since last year because 2G services are discontinued there. Problem solved with the Go Discovery !
- long time ago (GO 860 ?) I had fuel services from TomTom. You could easily make a list searching for best prices in the region. Not (yet) possible on the Go Discovery.
- Noticed that maximum speeds shown were often wrong, especially in Switzerland, but also in Germany. In the 5000 I could report that, not possible in the Go Discovery (However, there were so many errors that reporting all would be impractible) Strange, as the map is supposed to be up-to-date.
- The use of Bleutooth Tethering is modest, whole trip 16 Mb ! (according to my phone)
- The 6' screen is nice and better for my aging eyes...
- The Go Discovery reacts fast. Easy in use after getting used to some different routines.
- Wifi update took a long time first time, after that quick, as could be expected.
- Overall a positive experience, hoping for TomTom releases updates on the issues mentioned above !


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    Hello Hans,
    Many people have mentioned the lack of current time. I, too, hope TomTom comes to their senses and adds it, but I am not optimistic.
    Not sure quite what you mean about fuel prices. Perhaps the issue is that although they ARE shown, it's only the nearby ones which are shown so you can't shop around very much? I agree, the range should be extended.

    In other words, mainly I'm agreeing with your observations for the record!