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I want to notify you that, even in the latest updates that include Spain, a very important road is missing, because, although it is small, it is paved and takes, every year, thousands of visitors to a tourist center. The absence of this leads these people to draw a difficult and dangerous route, due to the risk of damaging the vehicle or getting stuck, since it is an unpaved road, full of mud, puddles and holes.
The road is in Riotinto- Huelva-Spain and starts from the point of coordinates 37.721359, -6.549684 of the HU-501 road, to the point 37.72349, -6.55652, where it already connects with a road that does already exist on your maps.
It is the link that allows, from the town of Riotinto, to reach the tourist center of Mina Peña del Hierro, located at position 37.725051, -6.556833.
It is essential that they add that road so that the thousands of visitors do not get confused or have problems, some of which avoid the inconvenience by using the Google service that does contain that access.
Thanks a lot.


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    @otin Hi,

    I have submitted feedback for you and let's see if more upvotes will get them to do something. Do you happen to be able to attach a file on the feedback with the road map, as right now the imagery isn't that clear on roads? So, they may need better imagery or documents to add the roads. Do note that TomTom isn't allowed to just copy stuff from Google Maps as it is' copyrighted to Google.

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    I would like to point out that with the supplied coordinates you provided Google Maps has no roads as well, may you please if possible if you have Windows Maps, use the inking feature to highlight where roads are. Or when in Apple Maps or phone, screenshot and ink over. Either also supply city file of roads,


    Imagery of Google Maps has no road data either :)

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    Hello again, just received feedback from TomTom through map share that they have added in the roads, probably be added in the next map update :)


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    Hi @otin

    It seems that they have added the roads in, it may take some time for the road data to be released to your device or another map like Apple or Bing Maps.

    As of there are lanes, speed limits and other considerations to be made.


    Roads are added, Azure Maps is a way to send feedback with satellite overlay that sends reports to TomTom.

    I hope this is okay!