Issues with voice guidance tomtom Via 52

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When my Via 52 gives out voice guidance I’ve noticed a couple of things that didn’t used to happen. When giving the distance to a turn etc the voice pauses, i.e. in 200 ‘pause’ yards. Not a massive issue but doesn’t seem right. The second is on an approach to a roundabout it used to say for instance, ‘turn right on the roundabout, 3rd exit’. Now, on the first instruction it omits the exit number so just ‘turn right on the roundabout’. Not until I am actually at the roundabout is the exit number given which is annoying when trying to be in the right lane at a large roundabout. Has anyone else had this issue / been able to sort?



  • Willy875
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    Try the factory reset.
  • Lochfrass
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    Have you activated a comuter voic that can read Streetnames aloud or du you use a recorded voice?
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    Thanks, I’ll try the reset.

    No added voices, just the default.
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    Hi @Eldublu

    Which voice are you using. As @Lochfrass suggests try the Serena voice which is a Computer Voice and so gives more detailed directional information. Also in Settings / Sounds and Warnings set to Read Aloud.