Can you add a reverse camera and parking sensors to the 2012 Renult Megan Carminat TomTom.

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I got an old Renult Megan 2012 with Carminat TomTom built-in. Is it easy to connect a reverse camera and parking sensors bought of eBay or is there more to it than just plug and play.

How to go about this and any hardware recommended products for this. Also would need some guidelines on how to accomplish this successfully.


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    tomtom dont do hardware you should write to renault
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    You can't do it straight away. there are several things to be in mind:
    1. not all Carminat TomTom units have necessary microchip inside (video in)
    2. you need another module between camera and Carminat to make it work - it is renault unit that is expensive and hard to get.
    3. Then you need to wire all this together and configure in the CAN network of the car.

    It is simply not worth it in 2021.

    if you have R-Link (also TomTom unit but newer) then camera can be added much easier.

    Parking sensors can be added but it has nothing to do with Carminat - it won't display on the screen, it will be displayed on the Speedo (it also need wiring, parking module installed and configuration in CAN network)