Trucker 6000: Paid for Live Subscription but not on my device after 2 weeks!

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I have a Trucker 6000 with an auto renewal for Live (Traffic) subscription. I was charged or the Live Services - World subscription but, after 2 weeks, it is still not applied to my device. Why? This also happened last year?

Come on TomTom: If your devices are not reliable, then Google Maps, Waze etc all offer free alternatives. We pay for these subscriptions because we want more but this unreliability makes me question why I do so.

Also, what has happened to the online support functionality? I'm still paying the same as last year but it is incredibly hard to find anyway to seek actual support beyond the (painful and rubbish) Chatbot.

You can probably tell that I'm not very happy!


  • Willy875
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    Can you try
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    Thank you Willy875.

    My device required the full 'reset' to make it activate the subscription.

    One note to TomTom, in the video suggested by Willy875, it says to use TomTom Home to backup the device. It took me a while to realise that TomTom Home is no longer used and that MyDrive Syncing was the way to keep and reinstate favorites etc.

    Much appreciate your help Willy875!