Rider 400 replacement battery options?

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All i need is a replacement battery, i dont need anyone to do it for me as the unit has already been opened and diagnosed as needing a replacement battery. Tried the usual places but cannot find one to fit....anyone had any joy with managing to find a replacement? cheers


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    Battery is a VF3W a duch user posted that the 1/3 capacity VF3A also works off course with a shorter battery live.


    Video how to open Rider and replace battery (and screen)

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    Did anyone find a supplier of the VF3W battery, the only ones I can find are the VF3A ones which are about a third of the capacity
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    Mobile_chicane - i have spent quite a bit of time looking and cannot find a battery supplier (except for people selling their second hand one lol)

    It's a pity TomTom appears to have totally abandoned it's customers
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    I've bought two of these in less than 3 years, it's disgusting that tomtom are selling these very expensive units that last just over a year before dying...... they obviously know because it's a common problem... makes it an expensive hire :-( looks like I'll be buying garmin next then
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    Hi all. I have just bought a Rider 400 from eBay and found out that the battery is dead. Does the unit work while on permanent charge on the bike with a dead battery? Can’t seem to find a replacement battery anywhere on the Internet apart from.a VF3A which I am not sure if will fit or work.
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    A Dutch user repported that his Rider 400 works again after fitting the VF3A.

    His post : Nou, het is gelukt! Ik had de accu een poosje terug al ontvangen, maar zag er nog tegenop om de TOMTOM te demonteren...

    De accu is wat kleiner en dunner, wat ook logisch is aangezien de capaciteit ongeveer 1/3e is van de originele batterij. Ik heb hem wederom (als origineel) vastgeplakt met dubbelzijdig tape en heb een stukje vilt erachter geplakt om trillen/rammelen/schuiven tegen te gaan.

    Inmiddels zit alles weer in elkaar en doet de TOMTOM het weer*O* zonder direct uit te vallen zonder lader.

    Wellicht heeft iemand van jullie er nog iets aan.

    Google translate: Well, it worked! I had already received the battery a while ago, but I was still hesitant to disassemble the TOMTOM...

    The battery is a bit smaller and thinner, which makes sense since the capacity is about 1/3 of the original battery. I glued it again (as original) with double-sided tape and stuck a piece of felt behind it to prevent vibrating/rattling/sliding.

    In the meantime, everything is back together and the TOMTOM works again*O* without immediately shutting down without a charger.

    Perhaps some of you will benefit from it.

    Source https://www.motor-forum.nl/threads/tomtom-rider-40-400-410-450-deel-5.433038/page-60
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    Just had an online chat with TomTom re this issue, cannot find replacement battery online anywhere, it seems they are not manufactured any more. Tom Tom would only send me a refurb unit for over 100 euros, refuse to sell me a battery.
    TomTom are going to loose customers with these battery issues,
    I am going to try the VF3A to see if it keeps my unit alive, I do not need hours of battery life just enough to do stuff over a cuppa when out on a ride if needed, without having it powered up by the bike.
    I have a BMW Nav6 on my RT it has a user replaceable battery, how unique in todays throwaway market.