Went with a new Garmin because TomTom support was so lousy...

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Hi TomTom/Dave,
After over a month of attempting to get to a human being to ask a question about the trade-in offer I was receiving for the past year or more via e-mail, I became fed up with all the built-in obfuscation trying to any of the support needed. As a result, I ended up looking for, finding, and purchasing a replacement GPS. What I found turned out to be a much better deal than what TomTom/Dave offered. Not only was I able to find a GPS with ALL the same features as the GO Supreme 6, but I also obtained lifetime updates for World Maps, and a back-up camera for use with the GPS unit. And if you haven't guessed by now, it's a GARMIN.

So, here's the question... When will TomTom/Dave sufficiently improve the SUPPORT process so as to prevent this sort of "forced" customer attrition from happening?


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    no trade-in offered by tomtom.

    Just flat discounts. Take it or leave it. If you are lucky you might get yourself a better deal at a online retail counter.
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    Hi Fergussion,

    Call it whatever you like, over the course of the past several years, I've received numerous e-mails from TomTom/Dave informing me that my Go 910 is no longer able to receive map updates. In this regard, these e-mails came across as offering me a "trade-in" (aka "discount") value of $90 toward a new Go Supreme.

    Terminology not withstanding, I interpreted these e-mails as being offers to obtain a replacement product based on TomTom's/Dave's suggested value of my Go 910. As such, my ULTIMATE CONCERN with these offers is that they did not appear to provide adequate incentive to give up a perfectly good/functioning GPS. In essence, what would have come across as being a more attractive offer would have been a 50% DISCOUNT on a Go Supreme. Unfortunately, no human being was available to entertain such a inquiry or proposal in response to these e-mails. And this forum turned out to be of little to no value in resolving the inquiry or making such a proposal.

    Bottom line: I found what I considered to be a better value product elsewhere.