Update to TomTom Go 3.3 aborts

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The "TomTom GO"-update from version 3.2 to 3.3 hangs reproducibly on my Motorola moto G7 (Android 10).
Via the PlayStore, the installation initially runs through normally to the end. If I then start TomTom, I am first asked about data protection (image_1).
After I have answered in the affirmative, it continues to run until the message: "App is started and settings are called by TomTom" (image_2).
Shortly thereafter, TomTom shuts down. After restarting TomTom then comes the message: "TomTom GO is terminating repeatedly" (image_3).

I then uninstalled TomTom after a workaround posted in the German forum and tried to set it up again via the PlayStore:
1.) Settings -> Go Mobile App -> first stop app, then clear cache, then clear data.
2.) Settings -> Go Mobile App -> uninstall app.
3.) Delete both in the device and on the SD card under -> Android -> Android/data/com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.
4.) Memory -> Unnecessary files -> delete (this will delete all temporary files).
5.) Turn cell phone off/and on again (reboot).
6.) After reboot, open Google Play Store and re-download Go mobile app and try a first installation. If it works already now, it is finished here; if not, then continue under point 7.
7.) Settings -> Go mobile app -> first stop app, then clear cache, then clear data.
8.) Start App ... and then it should run directly.

I repeated this procedure several times but it did not work!

After getting another hint, I then uninstalled TomTom, quit the smartphone, removed the memory card, restarted it without memory card, and tried reinstalling via PlayStore. But after pressing "Install" it immediately aborts with the message: "Not enough memory". In the settings for the device memory I can read: "31.20 GB of 64.00 GB used". That should be enough. In another attempt I cleared the cache of the PlayStore before the installation, but this also did not lead to success.

Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong? Till now, all updates of TomTom GO have worked without any problems.