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Avoiding Low Emissions Zone fines

DreamweaverIIDreamweaverII Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
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Dear Sirs
I have a suggestion. I live in Scotland, south of Glasgow. Glasgow City Council have decided to create a “Low Emissions Zone” which comes into action before the end of this year. It is intended that other local authorities will follow this example of banning any Diesel or Petrol car which does not meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. I understand that London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester are all intending to introduce similar low emission zones in the very near future.
My car is an 2007 Volvo XC70 D5 AWD, it meets the Euro 4 emissions standard. Generally speaking all cars over four years old will be banned from entering the new Glasgow Low Emissions Zone, that is an awful lot of cars facing heavy fines for even inadvertently entering one of these new zones.
My suggestion is that when a TomTom user is planning a route, the system could provide options to avoid motorways, toll roads, ferries etc. Would it be possible to update your systems to include the avoidance of “Low Emission Zones” and also to provide alarms similar to your current speed trap alarms.
Earl Baxter


  • TullioTullio Posts: 2 [New Traveler]
    I suggest to TomTom to add the setup of emission type (like EURO 4 , EURO 5, EURO 6 and fuel type like Diesel, Gasoline, GPL, Methane) in order to select only roads that matches the required Low Emissions level.
    Usually the underground parking are not allowed to GPL.
  • GinodicamperGinodicamper Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    If Tom Tom can do as suggested, it would be useful throughout Europe especially Italy where there are a lot of low emission zones and the potential for fines of up to 100 euros, and each town seems to issue its own passes rather than the French scheme crit air.
  • cbrfireblade cbrfireblade Posts: 84 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Good Idea Dreamweaver especially as these zones are just another way of ripping off the motorist and just another excuse of getting money out of us.
  • cbrfireblade cbrfireblade Posts: 84 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Just checked Dreamweaver and some garmin devices have Environmental Zone Avoidance in the route preferences. If they can do it why cant tomtom do it.
  • EximiusEximius Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I agree with the idea of setting up in the device your vehicle´s environmental taxonomy (it will surely vary in all cities) in order to warn you about entering a forbidden area and getting a 100 euro fine. In Madrid, after 3 months of adaptation, yesterday they have started fines in "Madrid Central". And in the most critical polution scenarios 3 and 4 (announced by SMS and traffic panels), very few vehicles (hybrid, electric, PHEV and Natural Gas ones) are allowed into most of the city.
  • Speedbird2Speedbird2 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
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    I tried a route with a waypoint outside a Environmental zone. There are two options for that specific route. When I toggle between them during driving to find the fastest route; TT sends me back to the start point of the route. So that doesn't work either.

    Tomtom software team: get moving!
  • TOMTOM GO PRO 520TOMTOM GO PRO 520 Posts: 6 [Apprentice Traveler]
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    Site Admin,

    Get this passed up the line, it has been a long time suggestion and as the months are flying by we will soon be in 2021 and this has still yet to be implemented into TomTom's software.

    TomTom are brutal when it comes to user suggestions that make THERE product better.
    (TomTom, we are not charging "yet" for these ideas so get them added).

    Never mind Garmin having this added already, there are £50/60 Sat Nav's on Amazon that have the (LEZ) implemented that work and I have tested some of them.

    Why can't £300/400 TomTom products have it implemented as soon as it is requested.

    Zero excuses, get it done. NOW
  • bointonbointon Posts: 12 [Master Traveler]
    Still waiting for LEZ & ULEZ and its now August 2020 (3 years and counting)
  • GavbrielGavbriel Posts: 7 [New Seeker]
    i ask ?....why Tom Tom make one app to allow me to give report the bridges under 4 metres high ? I used one device TomTom 620 , i drive Truck in UK , and many old bridges have under 4 metres high and the truck have 4,2 metres high. Your app have menu for report camera.....but menu for report low brigdes , don t have. I want help company TomTom for improve this aplication and help many customers who used device GPS TomTom. Thanks
  • WbogaertsWbogaerts Posts: 0 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I am looking for a new device that take care of the low emission zones in Belgium .
    One wrong street costs me 185 Euro ...........
  • Roger_D_001Roger_D_001 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I get a lot of advertising from Tom-tom for new equipment . But what we need is the possibility to avoid a route-planning through a low emission zone. Not all people have Euro 5 and Euro 6 cars.
    I contacted Tom-tom already in 2018 about this issue. In the meantime it is almost 2021. My GO 6100 still is a fantastic device. I only miss the ‘Low Emission Zones’ in the “to avoid list”
  • frchatoufrchatou Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    i have an 2012 igo primo with the lez option, even my medion 2007 had the lez option, but tt go 520 software still has not. I have to use waze on the phone, which has also the option to put lez permits for different cities.,clever.( car cannot go in Antwerp but with permit Brussels yes) Brussels fine 350€ actually. Such a shame for tt.
  • johnsgpjohnsgp Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I will be updating my Tom Tom soon and will not buy a Satnav if it does not have lez avoidance BBCode
  • fgvieitesfgvieites Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    TomTom don't care, only selling products, after that , poor in everything like solve map errors, navigation issues , Poor customer care and, just asking for a feedback when a issue still unresolved for month or years, own experience.
  • TokyoElbowTokyoElbow Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
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    Regarding ULEZ, I live just a few centimetres it seems from the new expanded ULEZ zone !!
    I'm right on the border of it. So I have a question about my TOMTOM telling me to keep well away from it as at £12.50 a day it can get a bit expensive driving about unaware if ya forgot about ULEZ for one moment!!

    "From 25 October 2021, ULEZ is expanding from central London to create a single larger zone up to the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). The North and South Circular Roads themselves are not included in the zone."

    How are TOMTOM going to handle this?

    Can we set this to avoid it like we can TOLLs?

    Would like to know whats gonna happen.

  • TokyoElbowTokyoElbow Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks for the link but that’s3 years ago.
    Surely it deserves a new thread now that we are weeks away?

    TomTom have had 3 years to develop/code something so would appreciate an answer as to what’s going on regarding ULEZ and implementing it into the device.
  • TokyoElbowTokyoElbow Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    Also Waze seems to have done this.
    So at least there’s something out there to use that’s free until TomTom lets us know.

  • newbie61newbie61 Posts: 13 [Master Explorer]
    My car's not Ulez compatible. i'm trying to find out if I can avoid the charging zone by going a different way. Can the Tom Tom be set up to advise going different ways, so as to avoid the charging zone?

    Does anyone know the answer please
  • DiscoDriverDiscoDriver Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    It needs more routing options - just "toll" is not enough anymore.
    I want to drive into London, but I'm happy to pay the Dartford Crossing charge, but want to avoid ULEZ and Congenstion Charging
  • Bambi79Bambi79 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Cant be serious in suggesting we use another App like WAZE? I spent £249 on this tomtom I expect it to udpdate the maps for london ULEZ zones too its not a big ask !
  • Bambi79Bambi79 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Since reading the comments that its taking 3 years to update the bloody ULEZ on the maps I am going to sell my Tomtom this is a joke for a tech company to not make the simple adjustment or listen to us here. Wow how bad is that?!?
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,689 Moderator
    Hi @Bambi79

    Welcome to the community! Having a reliable source of information for emission zones and integrating them into our maps or over-the-air services looks like a complex process. I will log this as a request to be passed on to the concerned team.

    Usually, Low Emission Zones are in the city center so if it can be of any help, I would suggest avoiding the city centers.

    Best, lampard
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