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Personal POI (ov2) files on TomTom GO Expert

Hi there everyone, I recently bought a Go expert 6" for my new job as a coach driver. First of all i have to say that it is an amazing device. I was sceptical at first bc my only experience with tomtom had been on a 10 year old device but i'm very happy with it. Except for one thing.

One of my colleagues gave me his poi files of places our company drives to regularly but i cant seem to find a way to get them to load on my tomtom. Tried uploading them to Mydrive and tried to open the tomtom in windows explorer (after some googling i found out that that is impossible on tomtom devices apparantly).

Is there any way for me to get them on my go expert? I really dont want to have to put all the locations in the main "favourites" tab as that will be really unorganized.


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