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Need to renew subscription after update to 3.3.14?

HakitakiHakitaki Posts: 2 [Novice Seeker]

I have updated the Go app to version 3.3.14 yesterday on 2 phones, both tied to the same google account. Before that, on Tuesday, I updated the maps on both phones as there were new ones available. On my daily, a pixel 4a with android version 11, security patch of oktober 2021, the app asks me to renew my subscription and shows me the subscription purchase screen.

On my backup phone, a samsung S9 running Android 10 with security patch August 2021 (latest for that model), the app works just fine.

My subscription is listed as valid untill July 2022 (I purchased a 1 year subscription).

How do I get the app to work on my pixel? I tried force closing it and restarting my phone, but that won't help. When I try the restore purchase option and enter my google account details, that doesn't work. I guess this is not meant for a google account, and I don't have any other account with Tomtom. I don't want to uninstall the app because I'll lose a bunch of saved places. Thank you!


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    Thanks for the tip! I ended up deinstalling and installing the app anew and it is working fine again. Just have to add all my places, as I didn't see a way of syncing my places with mydrive, as I was not able to get to that item on my phone since I can't continue in the app when it prompts me to renew my subscription. On my other phone I didn't have these places set so no way to sync them there either. I'll be sure to add them to the mydrive to have them always handy and sync over multiple devices.

    I do find it strange that the app behaves in such a way when you have 2 google accounts on your phone; it should recognize the account which holds the subscription and act accordingly. I hope this will be improved in the future.
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    I found it easier when it was just tied to the TT account back then. It was independent of the phone and there were fewer problems.
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    If you have already synchronized places on mydrive on your smartphone, you will be asked to connect to your Tomtom account, enter the email address of your Tomtom account and you will have to find your places.
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