How can I get traffic information?

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My GO Essential connects happily to my phone using Bluetooth. Phone calls can be made using the connection. Whilst the satnav is connected, my phone is showing a 4G connection. However my satnav shows that there is no connection to the internet and therefore no traffic information is available. How can I fix this?

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  • rider1rider
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    is tethering supported
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    Hi @rodneyf2

    Let us see what @VikramK has to say after he has reviewed the units settings on the TT servers. Look back later tomorrow..

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    Hi @rodneyf2
    Welcome to the community! Could you so a factory reset and pair again?
    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset

    To avoid losing your stored favourites and routes, you can create a back-up using MyDrive web. (User Manual)

    Also, I hope that the Bluetooth® tethering is not blocked by your network provider.

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    Brilliant, rider1rider, I did wonder about that and have now tried it and all seems fine. Thanks very much.