TomTom Go Navigation App (Android, used in Atoto S8 Ultra Car Entertainment System Radio)

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Hello all, I have installed the tom tom go navigation app for android in my car's radio and I have a question regarding playing music from my Atoto S8 Ultra at the same time as the app running; when the app (map) is onscreen and I'm listening to a song and the app gives a voice instruction (direction) it cuts out the song but after the voice directive stops talking it doesn't resume playback of my song like other navigation apps do (it stops it, and I have to resume my song myself manually). Has anyone else in this situation encountered this? do your songs stop playing and don't resume automatically when the voice directives stop? Is there a way to rectify this? I've searched every option in sound but can't find anything about this
If someone answers thank you for your help


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    I've recently fitted an S8 premium and it doesn't have that issue. I use Tomtom go along with Amazon music and it mostly works great.
    There's a thread regarding the S8 at the xda developers forum and also a Facebook Atoto users group. It might be worth seeing if someone there can help. Good luck.