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Problems with same start and end address?

StaticAtticStaticAttic Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
Anyone else suffer this frustration: When riding a round trip with using the same starting and end address, tomtom automatically moves the endpoint to the #2 waypoint and so the full loop doesnt work, it just says 'turn around' for the entire trip?


  • MyNameAllreadyExistsMyNameAllreadyExists Posts: 115 [Revered Navigator]
    I am not up-to-speed on this but couldn't you create waypoints and when you get to the last one before home, just press home.
  • StaticAtticStaticAttic Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    This is a good idea, thank you. I can also create my end point as an address next door, which might work. I just wondered if there was an actual way of stopping the waypoints automagically reordering themselves without my permission :). For now I will go with your solution which makes sense and as I can’t seem to find an email to talk directly to tomtom the conveniently hard to reach company! Thanks!
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