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Wrong States Showing

Hello, my home state is on the Midwest states map on my Tom Tom Via 1500TM LE GPS. When updating my device using My Drive Connect I added the smaller map option for the South Central states in order to add TX/OK/NM. My Tom Tom is now only showing those southern states and I cannot get it to show my Midwest states back. Ideally, I'd like the device to auto flip between the two maps when needed. How to do this?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,367
    Under 'Maps', does it list both maps available to choose? I so, you need to manually select the appropriate one for where you'll be travelling. The device will NOT go from one map to the other when you reach a state border.

    However, if ONLY the South Central map is available, you might need the assistance of @VikramK to get the other map onto your device. You probably should have a sd card (16 gb is fine) and get the entire USA map loaded. Then no problem...

    Check back and see if there is a response here.
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