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Conflicting information on the site.

My TomTom won't update and I thought it was a corrupted file on my computer. I then wondered if I never used it with Win 10 so I came to the site to check if I needed a newer app. A message said the Start40 is no longer supported but all others with lifetime maps still are. When I signed in, it shows I have the Start40 but I have the Start45 / lifetime traffic / lifetime maps. I see no way to update it. I wanted to use this tomorrow.


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    This was to fix a typo for the above post. I already found a way but can't delete this if it's empty.
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    Download the software Mydrive connect connect your GPS is launched the updates.
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    Thank you for the reply but that didn't work. The site keeps telling me I don't have an active application which is connected to my TomTome account. I saw another exe on my computer called TomTomHome and tried that. After a few minutes, it said there was a critical update that needed to be done. I clicked for it to continue and after 1/2 hr. it brought me to the site--to the same message.
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    I went out of the site and came back and searched for MyDrive connect. This time it llet me download it, and after a few problems with the critical update window staying in front and wouldn't cancel after use, After installing and having to log in again, I was back at the same place. I then found another llink showing all the obsolete models and there's many Start models listed and one is mine. I could have saved a couple of hours if it mentioned this without me having to scour the site and also if we were notified since TomTom has our model info.
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    Lastly, TomTom is offering a replacement offer. When it had me choose my country from a drop down menu, Canada isn't llisted. I chose US. Will I get the same deal in CDN fuhds?
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