Can't update GO50 device is still on a 17.300

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My GO50 device is still on a 17.300 software and I didn't update it (or use it) since then (2017).
I tried to update my device (Nav4 software) many times now but no matter what i try about restarting things (pc and device) or go back to factory settings on the device, The update process always stops without succes.

The device says : try again, if that doesn't work, contact support. There a chatbot recommends to contact ... I don't know who.
On PC i see 'not all files were updated' or likely and it stops.

Anyone who has an idea what i can try more ?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @haelewyn
    The download seem to be blocked and so it keeps failing when trying to install.

    Please find more information in the article here under case 3.1: