Rider 550, can anyone get this to work at all or reliably

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Have a rider 550, can only get Mydrive connect to connect by forcing the app to stop and then starting it again, but still the phone part of it won't work. If the device goes to sleep have to kill the app and start again. Not having a very good experience. Phone is a P20 pro


  • VikramK
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    Hi @murrayg01
    Did you recently update the firmware on the device or on the phone?

    Also, could you try a fresh pairing after performing a factory reset on the device?
    Before you pair the device again, please delete any previous Bluetooth pairing on the phone.

  • murrayg01
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    Hi Thanks for your response. No updates to firmware as far as I am aware. The TomTom is only a few weeks old and this phone part has never really work, sometimes it says smartphones is connected sometimes not, same with see who is calling. Whatever it says I never see a message or anyone who is calling. The phone icon on the TomTom screen seems to ramdonly appear, if it's there and you press it nothing happens. It does seem to get data as the traffic is updated and if I send a route, via my route app, it ends up in my routes on the device. Graeme