Route Deletion

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Hi Vikram,

Thanks for quick response - appreciated.

All noted on timescales for updating maps. Bit disappointing that Tomtom can’t/won’t remove a route through private property at the ‘click’ of a mouse, when they are able to give ‘real time’ updates in respect of road works, traffic congestion etc.

For info, Apple, Google, Garmin, etc removed the same route overnight. In the meantime I’m still having to suffer cars & Heavy Goods Vehicles being instructed to drive down my track.

As mentioned in my initial post, it’s not as if they can go a anywhere down my track as it leads to a ‘dead end’ (locked railway crossing) & all the hassle in trying to turn around on a track 10 feet wide as some motorists don’t have the common sense to simply reverse.

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    very frustrating. know what you mean for example Waze has avoid emission zones option on route planning. Granted it may only work in the country where your mobile phone is registered but its there. I fail to see why a huge company like tomtom can not offer this and Waze can.
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    The time has long gone by that TT was the standard for accurate road and traffic info. A pity that Waze is such an awful app.
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    yes I agree tomtom traffic info is excellent but things like avoiding emission zones in route planning would be very helpful as tomtom, garmin etc are navigation devices. why you need fuel pump prices on the new discover for example i dont know you can see the prices when you drive in. I have waze on my phone and its fine.