Why isn’t it showing all traffic delays.

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Hi guys. Ive asked this question before but got no response.

Ive just put in the route from my house in Cardiff to Bristol airport where I work. It says there is 15 minutes of delays with the route calculated. However this is false as it’s not taking into consideration delays that it’s showing further in the route. The actual real delay is around 35 minutes, so why won’t it take into consideration the delay further down. If I don’t have the route programmed and just select the delays on each part of the route it shows the time, but once the route is programmed it disregards those delays that are around 40 minutes into the journey.

Ive attached pictures and I hope it explains. One is a snap shot with the route selected and the other is just browsing the map.


The first picture is with the route and you can see coming down to Clifton it doesn’t give a time for the length of delay. The second picture with no route give the delay time. I had to zoom in on the second one, but it the amber traffic on the first picture giving no info.

It’s not helpful if I have to report to work to take people on holiday and it says it’s going to take 1:15 to get there but as I get half way the real time is an 1:40.



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    I have experienced similar issues, as I have been evaluating the Go Navigation App along with the Go Discover PND.

    I live in a village just South of St. Albans (Use Map Code GBR H8N.SH6 as a starting point) where the M25 Crosses the M1 and a lot of my journeys are into East Essex or just over the Dartford Crossing into Kent.

    I have several options on which route to take:
    1. M25 clockwise all the way to the Dartford Crossing
    2. M25 > M11 > A13
    3. M1 > A406 > A13
    A406 through Blackwall Tunnel then A2
    4. M25 Anti Clockwise
    5. Or multiple variations on the above

    BUT a choice needs to be made literally within a minute of leaving home and so I need accurate traffic information for the whole route to decide which route to take. As the crow flies from my home to the Dartford Crossing is approximately 30 miles away; ~43 miles by road (M25 Clockwise).

    Whilst it is accepted that TomTom ”supposedly” plots traffic delays in front of your vehicle for a moving 50 miles radius from your current location; my investigations shows that the Go App and the Go Discover only reports traffic in a much smaller area approximately 20 miles East of my home location, which means I get Zero or very little traffic information to the East of the M11……………. :s

    There have been physical delays (verified by Waze, Traffic England or even calling a colleague who was stuck in one traffic jam courtesy of his TomTom) in excess of one hour on the M25 approaching the Dartford Crossing BUT the Go App and Go Discover both say there is no Traffic Delays when I start my journey!!! :p:s

    Secondly, TomTom appears to have an algorithm expecting that traffic will “often” disappear by the time you get to the delay, I have experimented and have found that TT will discount traffic delays or even eliminate them from a route in as little as 25-30 miles away.

    Try it yourself using my MyDrive, on a typical Rush hour afternoon there is almost always a large traffic jam on the M25, plot a 50 mile route through the traffic jam (you may have to add stops to force the route through the traffic) then drag the starting point for a shorter route to say 25 miles and the traffic delay mysteriously disappears from the route calculation but will still show the traffic delay on the map. …………… ;)

    I think the above is partly why you are experiencing the issues as although Cardiff to Bristol Airport is ~25 miles as the crow files, the road route is nearer to 45 miles and you may be out of the range of the traffic detection range of the Go App, plus I suspect that the traffic delays not being reported on the App is down to TT’s “often incorrect” assumption that a traffic delay will disappear by the time you get there.

    I have concluded for my typical journeys that both the Go App and Go Discover are both not fit for purpose – My Go Premium X and Go Camper both report the traffic delays in the above scenarios and do typically show traffic delays for ~50 miles from my current location.

    I also will use MyDrive when at home to plot a route beforehand as that does take into account a much larger traffic detection radius but it can report misleading traffic delay information where a traffic jam is ~30 miles away – I can almost drive that distance in just over 20 minutes…….. B)

    Maybe you could borrow a Go Premium or other TomTom PND device to see if traffic delays are reported more accurately on your journeys??
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    I experienced also issues with traffic but more in the opposite way: calculating routes based on traffic which isn't there at all. The IQ routes are guilty for this behaviour. One prefers stats above real live situation. One wonders why one should have a navigation software when one can't rely in the traffic info. The same thing counts for closed roads being neglected during route calculations.
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    Yeah I heard that the traffic was changed several years ago and it all kicked off with a campaign to get TomTom to change it back, but they wouldn’t as in their opinion the traffic maybe gone when you get there, that all fine and dandy but it’s pretty useless if you’re using it to know when to leave, because as you’ve said, generally the traffic issues are still there, definitely on a Friday afternoon going to Bristol airport.

    What I have noticed though that if you use the free service TomTom AmiGO app which seems to have all the features you need, it does calculate all delays. I would use it over the TomTom Go but for iOS it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay yet.

    I find it bizarre and frankly disgusting that TomTom charge a premium to use the TomTom Go and frankly it’s not good if you’re going some distance and yet the AmiGO is free and does everything. If only they would bring CarPlay.
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    The change and subsequent debate re the Traffic horizon radius must have happened before my wife convinced me to switch to TomTom in August 2016, she deeply regrets this as I have been affected almost daily; with various TomTom issues. :s

    After my first planned TomTom journey I spoke to TT the very next day, seem to recall you could call up and give the reference number for an update as I found a note I made of a conversation with TT’s CCT:

    the issue of ‘traffic delays not being reported on the PND and synchronising with the overall journey time is being investigated’

    "I have checked this issue with the technical team. Currently they are working to resolve this issue as early as possible. We do not have an estimate when the issue will be resolved. Once it is resolved you will receive an email informing the same."

    Fast forward five years and I am still waiting for my email and the issues still remain unresolved ! :s
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    They’re so slow at doing anything. There was a group on Facebook and here trying to get them to change it back. Can’t remember how long ago, may have been 2015 or a year or two earlier.

    TomTom argument was that they don’t take into consideration that delay as it may have gone by the time you get there. Which is useless when planning because there is a good chance it will still be there if it only 45 minutes away.