Hi! Why my Tom Tom expert 7 inch "freeze" sometimes

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Why my TT go expert "freeze" sometimes when I'm trying to search something?
Then screen goes dark, then restart...
I'm using all accessories from the box.

This not happening all the time.

I think its a software problem bcs another friend of mine have same problem with his TT expert(smaller one) , also I had same problem with my old 6250 TT.

Also another thing whats bothering me is that after I close my device before arrival to destination, next day when I start it, route is gone, I have to imput destination again. This not happening all the time, but its annoying

Another thing : why I'm seeing USA poi's and destination if I'm in Europe (device was bought from an UK store)?

Why I don't have an option when after I chose a destination to decide if that destination to be added as final destination or added as intermediar stop. Now can be added only as intermediar, you have to go and manually reorder stops.


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    Also another thing : why not having romanian language in new TT expert? It's so hard for you to make this happening? Same in my old TT 6250, romanian language is missing.

    But on my Volvo FH, integrated Tom Tom navigation have romanian language(written and spoken)!

    New TT expert its super, much much faster routing then my 6250. I'm happy with my decision of buying this new TT experd, but I think some small improvements need to be done.
    Thank you!
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    I’ve had the blank screen a lot especially when putting in different pick ups , after every pick up I put it , the screen goes blank for like 20 secs before I can add another pick up point , software is badly in need of upgrading