Removal of private property (track) from system

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Dear User Groups,
I have recently requested the removal of a private track from your mapping system. This track leads to a locked railway crossing with no public access.

These requests have been acknowledged. However, my question is “how long does it take for the route to be deleted from your system as motorists are still being instructed/guided to use private property by your mapping/navigation system.


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    Hi @Kenwood01
    Welcome to the community!
    Accepted map corrections could take up-to 6-9 months to reflect on our navigation maps.

  • Kenwood01
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    Hi Vikram,

    Thanks for quick response - appreciated.

    All noted on timescales for updating maps. Bit disappointing that Tomtom can’t/won’t remove a route through private property at the ‘click’ of a mouse, when they are able to give ‘real time’ updates in respect of road works, traffic congestion etc.

    For info, Apple, Google, Garmin, etc removed the same route overnight. In the meantime I’m still having to suffer cars & Heavy Goods Vehicles being instructed to drive down my track because of someone’s inability to perform in reasonable timescales.

    As mentioned in my initial post, it’s not as if they can go a anywhere down my track as it leads to a ‘dead end’ (locked railway crossing) & all the hassle in trying to turn around on a track 10 feet wide as some motorists don’t have the common sense to simply reverse.

    Kind regards
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    Hi Kenwood01,

    If you dont' mind, can you share the track location with coordinates so I can report and get back to you?

    As I have a special dashboard which for those who are top contributors to the community, not to boast here.

    I can find out when it will be fixed, I mean when it si in the database and ready to be updated.

    It depends on the type of report though my report of removing railway tracks with enough details.

    Do you have an official document or anything to prove that is it is no more? around?

    Can you report it by clicking on it or outside of it twice, do one each, then choose the "other" option?

    It should only take a few hours for them to fix, to update in the database then release it, Go App updates every 2 weeks.

    It wont' be able to remove the tracks, just report it as a road closure.