Avoiding country lanes!

RobertShaw66 Registered Users Posts: 18
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When I pick a destination or route for my Rider 400 it’s always taking up rough country lanes.

I have tried it set for the quickest and the shortest and avoiding motorways, but it still does it. Also for no thrills!

It’s always done this and it really frustrates me. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


  • rider1rider
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    try planning in mydrive
  • RobertShaw66
    RobertShaw66 Registered Users Posts: 18
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    Ok. Thanks

    Is there a way of using MyDrive on the iPhone to the rider, moving files between the two? Because sometimes when I’m out riding, plans get changed.
  • TigerRider
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    @RobertShaw66 I have the same issue with my Rider 550. I think its actually the mapping data that tells the algorithm that those crappy little country lanes are viable routes that'll sustain travelling at the national speed limit safely.

    I'm hoping that in time when enough folk have ridden these routes and failed to register the expected timings things will change. The reality is on using these routes its tempting to ride like a nutter to arrive when you needed to.

    There's a number of routes my way with signs saying "Don't follow SatNav". If the authorities simply edited their mapping data return it would solve their problem in a stroke.