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Request improvement on AA(and app)

rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 163 [Exalted Navigator]
Yesterday I was navigated to a road closure.
Is it possible to add an extra button to force an alternative route? So there will be new routes calculated from you current position.
Now you have first delete the route, set again your destination to see alternatives.
This would be very handy I think so you can avoid road closure very quick with alternative route in one tap.
Or maybe to avoid next turn with this button? So that also there will be a route recalculation.
I had a détour around 7km with the road closure and the first 5min amigo always want to take me back to that closed road because it's faster normally.
So it would be great if there was a solution for this.
Thank you for considering.


  • NarmononoNarmonono Posts: 165 [Supreme Navigator]
    I take this post to ask again for an option which would also allow not to follow a new route calculation because currently if AmiGo recalculates, we do not have the possibility to refuse the new route.
  • eddydceddydc Posts: 298 [Exalted Navigator]
    rabero1985 wrote: »
    Yesterday I was navigated to a road closure.

    Shouldn't the question rather be why TT didn't show the road closure?

    Having said this, the detour remark trying to send one back is a genuine problem which I suffer from too. Adding isn't a solution though, since it gives only additional distraction.
    The app should be smart enough to detect the detour and calculate a new rout by itself.

  • NarmononoNarmonono Posts: 165 [Supreme Navigator]
    It's true, but for example, on the motorway, I prefer to stay there than to follow another route which is often more difficult.
    So for me, having the choice to follow or not seems interesting to me!
    Moreover this option exists on external tomtom gps.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 163 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited September 20
    It would be great if the app detect when you go off your route to suggest an alternative and if there is a faster route that this would be asked and user has the choice. Or, but that's dreaming, that you can block the segment/road on the map that is closed (like with the good old pnd) so that you also force another route.

    I think this road is not provided with the right information because I checked other apps, and like tomtom some have it marked as roadworks but not as closed like it is. So I think this one is not the blame on tomtom...
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,709 Moderator
    Hello there,

    This is already in our plans to have a dedicated Drive menu that will show some contextual actions while driving. Similar to what we have on GO [Android] (e.g. find an alternative route, find a gas station).

    Thanks, lampard
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 163 [Exalted Navigator]
    Thx, great to hear.
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