Reporting road closures and incidents in Go app Android

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Local to me (near Birmingham UK) there are many roads being closed for several weeks to build a new rail line. From what I understand, TomTom gets the delay closure information from usage of a road. These pieces of closed road are not being used (because they are closed). Is there any way from the app to report road closures or other incidents which stop traffic directly from the app? Other apps (like WAZE) allow users to report all sorts of delays and hazards. If I have missed the way to do this then apologies.


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    One needs to report road closure via mapshare. The downside is that one isn't sure that the map will be updated. I've many examples (from the past) where reports get accepted and don't get fixed, which results in people getting incorrect directions via closed roads. Not such a problem for small detours - despite the fact that a GPS needs to show correct data -, but when I closed highway exit result in unnecessary detour of > 25 km, it does matter.
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    Hi @frankst237

    Welcome to the Community! It's not possible to report road closures and traffic incidents via the GO app. The Community reporting is possible/available on AmiGO App.

    Best, lampard
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    @lampard: That's pathetic! :s
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    @lampard: That's pathetic! :s

    30 years Tom Tom! :'(