Update on GO 620

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update stops at 99% on 620 professional


  • lampard
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    Hi @anmabo

    Sorry for my late reply! I see that your device is already updated with all the latest maps and application on it. If you've any other questions, feel free to post back here.

    Regards, lampard
  • GorzkiM
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    Hi lampard. I am quite new on this forum. I have 620 GO Professional as I am HGV driver. Actually my device shows that I have 9.7GB maps to update and my current Software is from 2019 .... but I am not able to upgrade to the newest maps. After switching to the My Drive Connect I can see all the upgrades on my PC. I am asked to upgrade device first, then upgrade maps. After I started upgrading the device software, the procedure started, but in 1-2 seconds I am redirected to the page with info how to upgrade ...... and again and again. Without upgrade device I am not able to upgrade maps. NIGHTMARE 😱😱😱. I tried to upgrade maps with wifi. The device was placed next to the wifi router for strongest signal (90-100 MB/S ) and it lay there for over 3 days. It was constantly upgrading and the device turned on and the same thing again and again. Finally I stopped this procedure as it does not make sense 😳

    And also I have problem with the SD card. My device read Micro SD card which is 32GB but the card is invisible in My Drive Connect, even the info on Device screen shows that the Card has been formatted and ready for work with this TOMTOM device.

    Please advice. Thank you.