I have a Renault Trafic 2012; tom-tom home won't recognise sd card even after initialising

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I have a renault trafic 2012 and the display has tom-tom software installed but It didn't have an sd card.

I bought one and followed the only instructions to initialise sd card but I was unable to follow exactly because the instructions didn't fit to my inbuilt car device (My device doesn't allow me to navigate through menus to eject sd card properly, so I just put sd card in, turned on car, display started up, let sit for 30 seconds then I switched off display (I think) and turned engine off )

TomTom home doesn't recognise my sd card while my computer does recognise it.
I can't download the map using tom-tom home because it takes me to window prompting me to plug in device or in my case sd card which it acts like nothing is plugged in.

Ive paid for a map but can't seem to download it anywhere to manually install onto sd card.
what the fuck do I do now