Rider 550 Charging Cord tomtom

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My charging cord has stopped working after owning the unit for 1 year. Who can I talk to about getting a new one sent to me?


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    Hi, you can purchase them from many providers. Just do a Google search for 'TomTom battery charger cable (Or directly from TomToM

    Here is one from Halfords: https://www.halfords.com/technology/sat-nav/sat-nav-accessories/tomtom-compact-sat-nav-car-charger-928549.html
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    Is the above also a Data cable, as I would like to purchase a spare for my TomTom Go Premium x. :)
    I have been looking online, some say it is also a data cable but does not list the Premium x. Its confusing, I just want a replacement cable for the original so I dont have to keep removing the one for the car.
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    My Rider 500 is brand new and has never charged from the docking port, though it does charge via the USB lead and mains supply. I suspect the docking port and/or the cable is defective. The online support is not working. What solutions has anyone had to this problem please?
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    If your GPS is new it is under warranty so see with the support