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Hi Recently went to Hackney from the west side of London and my Go5200 took me straight through the emissions zone without asking me if I wanted to avoid it. Is there anything I should have told it when I was programming the destination that would allow me to avoid the zone next time?

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    OK, thanks for that. Glad it wasn't a failure on my part but disappointed TomTom have not got up to speed with modern trends.
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    My old tomtom (15 years old) I had to replace because the batteries were dead and the update to accommodate the new satellite signal did not work. It would find its location once as soon as it lost power it would not find its location again until it had a long rest.

    I upgrades to the Go Premium X the whole unit is a retrograde on my old 15 year old TOMTOM. Avoiding the congestion zone worked I could choose what type of vehicle I was driving HGV, Camper or car.

    I fail to see how tomtom could go backwards.

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