New version TomTom from late 2020

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Please can someone help me! I've been using TomTom GO on my Android phone since 2016 and found it ideal (it provided everything I could wish for), but late in 2020 everything changed. Without my permission, a new version of TomTom Go was loaded onto my phone, and now many of the features I enjoyed are missing. For example, I can no longer save my routes; the possibility to report speed cameras has gone and detailed route planning is no longer possible. Also, the graphics look washed out compared to the vivid version that I had before. In short, the new version of TomTom is practically useless to me. Does anyone else have the same complaint? Am I missing something? I don't think TomTom Drive will fix this problem, as routes seem to change themselves without notification.

Any help with this will be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    I encountered similar problems with the New App on my old phone, it was a Galaxy note 3 running Android 5. Using my new phone (Note 8) with Android 7 (upgraded to 9 meanwhile) there is no issues at all. What Android version are you using?

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    Hello Jürgen

    Thanks for your reply. I'm using Android version 7.0, so it looks as if there is hope for me if I can get a later version of Android. It's a shame because I'm otherwise happy with Samsung S7 phones. I have two, as one is a dedicated GPS unit (which can replace my other S7 if lost or broken while on my travels, or vice versa).

    To be clear; are you able to design and store routes on your Android 9 quipped Note 8 phone?

    Thanks again

    All the best